Where No Daylight Creeps

by Enthralled

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2 man project

Santy VDM, Guitars, bass, vocals
Ruben Roox, Recording/mixing/mastering

Lyrics by Wannes debruyne


The skulls and bones
Are scattered across the wastelands where I lost my mind
The crimson red burned for an eternity in my eyes

Memories turn translucent, it all fades away.
For there where no daylight creeps, the womb is ever rotten.
Creatures of maleficent breed, corrupt the seeds of the creed.

Bolting thunder smites the sky upon us, the desolate beings.
Immobilized by fear, misguided by false prophets,.
Who only seek out for the destruction of logics.

No way out this surge of heretic madness, the last solace remains unfold.
No-one recognizes the face of eminent death, the deceased are forever faceless.

Ashen faces form the mortuary in my head, and your's is the face that grims of dread foremost.
I will cleanse my path with the martyrdom of perfection.

Let me breath the air and be reminded of the lost days,
Pure and divine.

However strangled I am, asphyxiated by the past entombness.
The pinnacle of beauty is no more, she drowned in inner-malice.
Immersive suffering brought upon us,.
As there is no more to sacrifice, I'm already dead.
Every waking hour rests on me like the weight of ten suns, crushing my thinning soul.

Your breath is a smothering smoke, that spreads a vile, lingering death.
If she traps you with her glance, and fall in her web.
The lurking darkness will devour you.


released September 18, 2016
Santy Van der Mieren, Guitars - Bass - Vocals
Ruben Roox(Lakehousestudios) Recording-Mixing-Mastering
Wannes Debruyne, Lyrics



all rights reserved


Enthralled Rotselaar, Belgium

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